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Diabetes and Your Feet

We specialize in measuring and fitting diabetic feet.

Diabetic feet need extra care and attention. A common side effect of diabetes is “peripheral neuropathy,” which causes loss of sensation in the extremities. Ill-fitting shoes, which rub or pinch the feet excessively can lead to ulceration and foot injury, simply because the diabetic does not feel the injury until it is too late.

We carry a large selection of extra depth shoes and diabetic multi-density diabetic inserts.

Daily Diabetic Checklist

  • Wash your feet daily with luke-warm water (NOT HOT).
  • Moisturize your feet daily, but NOT between toes because this may encourage the growth of bacteria.
  • Always wear appropriate footwear when in the house. Never walk about your home barefoot or in stocking feet.
  • Every morning and night properly inspect your feet; use a mirror to see the bottom of your feet for sores, red spots or discoloration. If you have poor eyesight, have someone else do it for you. Call your physician if you notice any changes.
  • Shake out your shoes and inspect the inside before wearing them. There may be a pebble or other object that can create irritation to the foot inside the shoe. Wear diabetic socks.
  • Alternate footwear. Give your shoes a chance to dry out between wearings.
  • Wear only shoes that have been properly fitted to your foot. Don’t wear shoes that are broken down.